Certified & Traceable

IndiDye® is certified following the Plant Dyes Standard, a rigorous certification process that verifies all-natural content in our dyes and dyeing process. The standard is developed in cooperation with Control Union and aims to take a holistic and responsible approach in the making of products accounting for each step in the supply chain from farm or field to finishing. Sustainability of product is based on the principle to reduce the negative environmental impacts of its business across the supply chain. The standard promotes practices that create social and environmental benefits.

To verify content and authenticity the standard provides a clear chain of custody from the source to the final product, ensuring that products labelled IndiDye® are responsibly dyed using only our 100% natural dyes and natural auxiliaries.
You can read more about the Plant Dyes Standard here

We also offer the option to view a complete transparent supply chain. Through blockchain technology and QR-codes, the story of how a product is manufactured from dyestuff farming to cut-and-sew of final products can be made available to the end consumer in cooperation with brands and their manufacturing partners.