The pursuit of a natural alternative

Our company was founded with a vision to challenge the prevalence of harmful and wasteful conventional dyes with a natural, clean and good alternative. We are committed to deliver performance which meets consumer expectations, while eliminating the high cost to the environment, to industry workers and potentially to the health of the consumer.

With this in mind, we set out on a mission to find the right natural raw materials and combine them with innovative technology to deliver the performance and durability required. By utilizing ultrasonic treatment, a dyeing technology that is gentle to the fibre, Indidye® provides high color fastness with very low water consumption.

Since founding our company in 2010, we have conducted more than 65000 tests in 3 different laboratories, resulting in 14 patents for natural dyes, auxiliaries and dyeing. The pursuit of a natural alternative has culminated in IndiDye®, a dyeing solution that offers both brands and consumers the choice to replace conventional dyes with a 100% natural alternative that is good for you, good to you and good for the environment. We offer clean, natural, healthy and responsibly made products and provide the option to make a better choice every day.

To a large extent we have accomplished our initial vision. IndiDye® is indeed a viable natural alternative to conventional dyes. But now our renewed vision extends beyond merely being a viable alternative. We want IndiDye® to be the obvious natural choice. For everyone.

We are on a mission to change the impact of the textile industry. We believe nature is the greatest gift to mankind. Handled respectfully and responsibly it can offer an abundance of resources.

– Come join us for a bright and natural future!