Flos Sophorae


Sappan Wood


Chinese Gall


Sorghum Shell

Radix Isatadis

All of our raw materials have functions beyond dyes. Where we use roots, shells, leaves, fruits and offcuts other parts are used for medicinal purposes, food or woodworking. This allows us better use of natural resources.

Where possible we use crop rotations and intercrop farming for better utilization of farming capabilities, improved soil conditions and pesticide reduction. We strive to use only natural fertilizers, and farming of the plants for the dyes is done in areas with a natural abundance of water, limiting artificial irrigation. Organic residue that remains after processing can be recycled into the fields to nourish future generations of crops, and we always choose land for our farming carefully to avoid any displacement of food production.

Our natural dyes are allergy-friendly and non-carcinogenic. They are free from formaldehyde and have natural antibiosis functions. As a result, IndiDye® plant dyed fibres and yarns meet the class 1 OEKO-TEX100 standard, and all our dyes are biodegradable and GOTS approved. We are also proud to say IndiDye conforms to ZDHC MRSL Level 3.
Natural dyes come with natural variations, but we compensate for these during dyeing and in the mélange spinning process. This way we can offer consistent color reproduction in our plant dyed products season after season.

We can bleach raw fibres before dyeing and the raw undyed fibres that goes into the blend when spinning the mélange yarns. We also offer the option to bleach yarns for white end products.

Our indigo is sourced from a Chinese plant called Ban Lan Gen (Radix Isatidis), where the roots are used for medicinal purposes and the leaves are usually waste. We collect them, soak them in water and ferment them to convert substances present in the leaves to blue indigo dyes for our high performance IndiDye® Natural Indigo. Waste-water and leftovers from the fermentation process is recycled back into the farmland for irrigation and fertilisation.

Ban Lan Gen field



Natural Indigo

Indigo dyed cotton fibre

The IndiDye® Natural Indigo is applicable to wide range of fibres and can be used for fibre and top dyeing and rope dyeing of denim yarns. We use it for all our blue colors. In addition to using only plant based indigo we also use bio-based reducers for the solution of the indigo.