The sustainable natural choice

IndiDye® is all natural. In a world surrounded by hazardous chemicals it is reassuring to know that what is next to your skin is good for you, good to you and good for the environment.

Plant dyes are the original dyes, albeit challenged by low levels of color fastness, incompatible with today’s standards. By utilizing ultrasonic technology in addition to patented natural dyes and auxiliaries, IndiDye® achieves high levels of color fastness without the use of hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, mordants or salts. All this while significantly reducing water consumption. It is the eco-smart alternative to conventional chemical dyeing.

The dyeing process strongly impacts the textile industry’s environmental footprint. Current procedures consume large amounts of chemicals, water and energy. By transforming the dyeing process, IndiDye® is contributing to a more sustainable and responsible industry. Our LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) reveals a reduction in water consumption of up to 98% compared to conventional dyes. In addition, we are dyeing at shorter times and lower temperatures, offering improved efficiency in energy and emissions.

Globally, the textile industry is undergoing significant changes regarding environmental and social impact. From raw materials through to manufacturing, re-using and recycling, every step in the process must be considered by brands and consumers. Sustainability is at the very core of what we do. By choosing IndiDye® you can make a difference today and every day.

– IndiDye® is the next generation of clean, sustainable and responsible dyeing solutions.